InVentor UNO – Arduino UNO Compatible Board

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InVentor is a most innovative single sided USB Board design which is 100% Software and Hardware compatible with Arduino UNO Board. InVentor board uses Atmega328P-PU chip at 16MHz with “Optiboot” bootloader as main controller. Standard female socket for connecting Arduino shields. On board Auto power source selection circuitry. Power source for this board can be USB port, DC adapter or battery. Arduino talks serially with PC. On board PL2303HX chip acts as USB to serial bridge. DC socket input voltage can be in the range of 6-15V max but for stable and cool operation of this board, DC Adapter should be 9-12V for longer life of on board 5V LDO regulator. All the connection on header is marked on board like analog, digital, and PWM. Power header has 5V,3.3V,Vin and GND connection.

The Inventor Board can be programmed over a USB port from Arduino IDE. Plug in the board and select “Arduino UNO” in Board. Onboard 3.3V and 5V regulator. Automatic software reset circuit, USB port provide 100mA power to the board, if you need more power use external power supply. Using external power supply board can handle 1A max current.

InVentor-UNO R1.8
Main Controller: Atmega328P-PU with Optiboot (31.5K code space)
USB Connection: PL2303HX as stable USB to TTL Bridge  
Input Voltage:   7-15V DC (9V recommended)
Frequency:        16MHz crystal for Atmega328P (Highest Stability) 
5V Supply:        1000 mA Max.
3.3V Supply:    500 mA Max. 
OS Support:    Windows, Linux, Mac 
Note: Use only provided driver version if you are using windows 7 or higher. this board supports all Windows, XP to Win8 , Linux and MAC OS. Download driver for Inventor board and install the driver before plug in the board. remove all old drivers for truble free useage of inventor board.  

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