ARM Cortex M3 Development Board


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This is a ARM Cortex M3 32 bit core development board. This small yet very powerful board is based on STM32F103C8T6 chip with 64K Flash memory for code and 20K RAM, CPU frequency 72 MHz and 37 GPIO. On-board 3.3V LDO makes life easy. STM32F103 chip has a rich set of peripherals like ADC, Timers, SPI, I2C, USART, USB and CAN. This development board can be used with Arduino IDE to program. 

Board has an JTAG interface and all the GPIO pins are made available through male headers. 32.768 KHz crystal is should be soldered for RTC. Mini USB is provided for power and USB communication (optional). This board is preloaded with a serial bootloader so you can upload your code using RX TX lines, bootloader mode can be set by onboard jumper. All the above and many goodies for your study at reasonable price in India.  

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