Arduino UNO SMD CH340 Board


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This is an Arduino UNO SMD Compatible board with SMD Atmega328P. This board has 14 digital pins, 6 analog pins, 8 pin Power connector has 5V, 3.3V GND and Reset connection. SCL and SDA lines are also made available in the connector. Power selection is automatic; it can be from USB or external power adopter.  This board uses CH340 for USB to serial converter and comes Atmega328P-AU chip as main controller for projects. As this board is 100% compatible with Arduino UNO R3, You don’t have to change anything in Arduino IDE. It will work as UNO R3 always with lower cost.  Original Arduino UNO physical design is fallowed so there is no difference, made in most modern automated factory for great quality and reduced cost.

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