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CH330N – New Tiny but easy to solder USB to Serial Chip

CH330N-Tiny USB to Serial IC
CH330N-Tiny USB to Serial IC

Yet another low cost USB to UART Bridge (Serial) converter IC but this time it comes in a SOP-8 package so it is easy to solder in your project. 2 pins are for VCC and GND, 2 pins are for D+ and D- USB connection, RXD TXD for serial communication with Microcontroller, RTS signal and V3 pin is for selecting 5V or 3.3V operation if it is grounded through 100nf capacitor then it will operate at 5V. For 3.3V operation you have to provide 3.3V at this pin. That’s it. No Crystal required, minimum components just put two 0.1uf capacitor on power lines and it will start working and provide you virtual com port to your PC.

Now its part of the driver software in the PC side, CH330N is supported by same driver which runs CH340 series chips so if you are already using one CH340G module in your computer then you don’t have to install any new driver.

Why I am saying this tiny chip a wonder is that it has active low RTS signal which can be used to auto reset any micro-controller, so it is going to be the main USB to Serial IC for future DIY Arduino compatible boards.

You can buy one of these chips from given link to try by yourself.

CH330N-USB to Serial IC