Start Learning 8051 Programming

Start Learning 8051 Programming

How to start with 8051 Microcontroller.

8051 is an easiest to learn and easily available microcontroller. First made by Intel, now lots of variant made by different vendors. like Atmel, NXP, Maxim-IC, Silabs, Nuvoton and others.

We will discuss here Atmel and NXP chips and some times Dalas chip made by Maxim.  these are 8 bit microcontroller.

What we need to start with 8051. First we need some hardware like 8051 chip, programmer for downloading hex file to the chips. one development board or bread board. Then some software like compilers, assembler for creating hex file for our program if you want to work with C then compilers and for assembly there free Assembler.  If you are new in this field then go for an IDE where you will get all the things, code writing area, compiler, assembler and simulator inbuilt.

Download MIDE-51  which have every thing you need.  SDCC is an free and open source ANSI- C compiler. ASEM-51 is an free assembler for 8051. Keil C51 tools are also available. they are giving code size restriction software, check there site for more details.

Now some components  AT89S52 40Pin DIP 8K memory, AT89C2051 20Pin DIP 2K memory, P89V51RD2 40 Pin DIP with 64K memory. 10K resistor and 10uF capacitor for power on reset circuit. 10K resistor array 9Pin for port pull-up, 5V DC Power supply, Crystal 11.0592MHz 2 numbers 33 pf ceramic disk capacitor. I have selected this crystal value for serial communication baud rate generation ease. We can use 12MHz crystal if we no plan for serial communication.

Now you should have one of these programmers for downloading hex code in to microcontroller if you are planning to use Atmel controllers use this programmer this can program both AT89C and AT89S series . S series is serial programmable,  You can select NXP 8051 Controller which has 64K flash for your code and serial programmable.  you also need some 5mm or 3 mm LED’s and some Tactile keys. this will complete your hardware list.

Nuvoton W78E052 is a 8052 compatible 40 pin dip IC comes with bootloader. comes with 8K program memory which can be burn using serial port or usb to serial converter by RX and TX lines only. Nuovoton writer for this chip is available at Nuvoton site.

Component list for minimum system.

1.  (1) W78E052

2.  (1) MAX232 used for serial to TTL level conversion

3. (6) 10uf electrolytic capacitor

4. (2) 33pf ceramic disk capacitor

5.  (1) 7805 5V regulator.

6.  (1) Crystal 11.0592MHz, 12MHz

7. (10) 100nf ceramic disk capacitor.

8. (1) 9 pin D type connector

9. (2) Tactile Key for reset.

10.  some resistors 10K, 1K ohm.

11. Resistor array 10K 9 pin for port 0 pull up.

12. 9-12V power adapter.

Some LED for your first LED blinking projects. If you don’t have serial port in your PC or you have laptop only then you may need USB to serial converter.

some single strand wire and and a bread board that’s it you have done,



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