Heat Shrink Tube

Heat shrink tube is a mechanically expanded  plastic tube, which shrinks when heated. The tubing is placed over the connection to be protected and then heated with an oven, hot air gun or similar tools. This processes causes the tube to contract and it hold tight the surface or wire. This is a very good protector […]

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  • 8051-programmer

    Start Learning 8051 Programming

    How to start with 8051 Microcontroller. 8051 is an easiest to learn and easily available microcontroller. First made by Intel, now lots of variant made by different vendors. like Atmel, NXP, Maxim-IC, Silabs, Nuvoton and others. We will discuss here Atmel and NXP chips and some times Dalas chip made by Maxim.  these are 8 bit microcontroller. What we need […]

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  • Welcome

    We have learn from our experience that when a person starts learning embedded system, he or she require some very necessary tools like programmers, development boards and micro-controllers. These things are still not available in many places of India. Lots of free and open source programmer and projects available on the web, but make them working is another challenge for students. So […]

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  • arduino-serial-top

    Arduino Serial Board

    This is my first Arduino serial board. made successfully working great. Auto reset is also working. Tested with Atmega8 chip.  When I made this board at home I have only Atmega8L-8PU, I searched the market but Atmega8A or Atmega8-16PU are not available. so I decided to go with Atmega8L and test this board with over clocking this AVR. […]

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  • 8051-programmer

    Atmel 8051 Programmer

    Powerful programmer for the Atmel 89 series of microcontrollers that includes 89C51/52/55, 89S51/52/55 and many more. With this article you can make your own programmer. This is a complete programming solution when it is attached to a suitable power supply and connected to your personal computer. Proload and Firmware Version 4.1 at 57600 speed.   […]

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USB PC Oscilloscope (DSO)
DS1307(RTC) Real Time Clock Module
ST-Link-V2 Programmer debugger
ST-Link/V2 Mini Programmer-Debugger
M590E GSM GPRS Module
ESP8266 - WiFi to Serial Shielded Module


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