Arduino Serial Board

Arduino Serial Board

This is my first Arduino serial board. made successfully working great.

Auto reset is also working. Tested with Atmega8 chip.  When I made this board at home I have only Atmega8L-8PU, I searched the market but Atmega8A or Atmega8-16PU are not available. so I decided to go with Atmega8L and test this board with over clocking this AVR. Atmega8L supposed to run at 8MHz. running at double speed is not recommended. but it is working for LED blink example. and testing.  Initially auto reset was not working so I used manual reset button to upload sketches. But hear I want make a point for manual reset that when you click on upload button after that you should press reset button.

Arduino Serial Top

Arduino Serial Bottom


After this board I tried MAX232 replacing transistor for serial communication so I made another board with SMD version of MAX232 chip and rest through hole components. but it did’t work, never uploaded any sketches. tried manual reset and auto reset both without any success.

Arduino serial single sided board with SMD MAX232.


Things you should check for running Arduino Severino single sided board with

Atmega8 :

1. Select your computer serial port speed at 19200 bits per sec from advance port settings.

2. At Arduino IDE select Board ‘Arduino NG or older w/ ATmega8’ .


1. Select your computer serial port speed at 19200 bits per sec from advance port settings.

2. At Arduino IDE select Board ‘Arduino Diecimila or Duemilanove w/ ATmega168’ .

Now you are done with all setting required to run those boards.

If auto reset is not working in your PC you can press reset button manually, after writing a sketch press upload button in IDE then press  the reset button on board.

Hope these information will help you run your board smoothly.


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